Oklahomans for Health is the “proponent” of the upcoming medical marijuana state question SQ788.  So what does this mean?  It means we wrote the law, built an amazing grassroots organization, petitioned the state in 2014, petitioned the state successfully in 2016, defended the peoples’ right to have this on the ballot at the Supreme Court of Oklahoma level, and have officially “won” the ballot for 2018.  It means, simply, it is up to US to take this across the finish line for patients across our state.

Many people across this state have worked countless hours, and for years, to get us to this point.  Because of you, Oklahomans for Health is perhaps one of the most successful grass roots movements ever…and we are one vote away.  So, we congratulate everyone who has sat in a booth, or taken a signature, or signed the petition, or driven a vehicle, or talked to a friend.  YOU have made this happen.  We have and will continue to provide the framework for success, as we are the official proponent of SQ788.

There will be organizations that claim they are “official” and there will be fundraising efforts around YES on SQ788.  Some will be helpful…some will not.  We strongly encourage you to investigate and discern before you contribute.  


Legalize Medical Cannabis

Vote YES on SQ788 in 2018!