Oklahomans for Health is the proponent of the upcoming medical cannabis state question SQ788.  So what does this mean?  It means we wrote the law, built an amazing grassroots organization, petitioned the state in 2014, petitioned the state successfully in 2016, defended the peoples’ right to have this on the ballot at the Supreme Court of Oklahoma level, and have officially “won” the ballot for June 26th, 2018.  It means, simply, it is up to US to take this across the finish line for patients across our state.



SQ788 Facts:

The State Question that Oklahomans For Health has put forth as SQ788 allows Oklahoma to be in a leadership position and actually build a “proper” medical marijuana law.

In EVERY other state, marijuana is regulated by a list of medical conditions.  In operation what happens is a patient is presented a list of checkboxes and a signature line.  The patient checks his “condition” box and signs the paper.  The physician then just agrees with the patient the medical marijuana would work for that condition.  The physician is merely stating his OPINION and has no skin in the game.  The physician is not ethically or legally bound by his decision.

SQ788 would have changed this system.  Under SQ788, a physician must RECOMMEND medical marijuana.  He is legally and ethically bound by his decision.  This is FAR MORE restrictive than in any other medical state.

You will here alot about the possession limits under SQ788.  In traditional pharmacy dispensing, a patient is generally given a 30 days supply of a medication.  All the limits in SQ788 are based on this 30 day limit.  A cancer patient needs 1g of cannabis oil per day for treatment, so a 30 days supply would be 30grams of oil.  Even the plant limits are based on this 30 days supply calculation.

The right to grow at home is also causing some controversy.  SQ788 provides for growing at home ONLY if you are a licensed patient and you CANNOT sell ANYTHING you grow at home.  To do so would be a felony.  You can only grow for your own consumption and only if you are a registered medical patient.

The thought that SQ788 would create a “special” class of citizen is tripe.  We cannot change federal employment laws.  If you want to fire someone, SQ788 will not change that.  Nor does it restrict you from enacting smoking policies or any other employment policy.  Crowe Dunlevy, the leading employment law firm in the state, agrees that no significant changes will be presented as to employment practices under SQ788.  The thought that SQ788 creates a “special” class of citizen is born from complete ignorance or a deliberate attempt to mislead.  Have dogs and cats fallen from the sky in other states?  NO.  They won’t here either.

We have a chance to lead with our proposed law.  Apparently that upsets the old guard who enjoy Oklahoma being last.  Oklahomans For Health has proposed a chance for Oklahoma to be first and lead the nation with a proper medical marijuana law that properly regulated medical patients. 

I hope you will join us in voting YES for SQ788!

Why is medical marijuana important?

Medical marijuana is important because it effects an internal system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS).  A simple journey to our nations clearing house for research (NIH.GOV) and a search on “endocannabinoid” will return over 71,000 current studies on this system.  Interesting, we share the ECS with most life on the planet.  In fact pretty much all life on the planet, except insects, have an ECS.

Most researchers are agreeing that the ECS is your master regulatory system.  It is thought to regulate everything in your body.  Your immune response, how you feed and crave, your cognition, all are regulated by the ECS!  Managing homeostasis (perfect regulation and balance) appears to be what the ECS is designed to do!

The ECS is a resource driven system, which means that we have to eat for it..  What does that mean?  Well it means that we have to eat for it.  As do our dogs, cats, pets and most other life on the planet.  If I am not eating the right things then I will break my ECS’s ability to regulate my body.  And guess what that would look like!  Immune and feeding craving breakdown which would result in diseases of inflammation, obesity, and pain.

Leading cause of death in the US?  Inflammation.

Leading physician complaint?  Pain.

We are breaking in our ECS due to resource need!

While medical cannabis is not the “native and natural” resources we need to consume in our diet, it is a great “intervention” therapy with the ECS.  With medical cannabis a physician can be given a wonderful tool to be able to manipulate your master regulatory system!  A pretty important tool!


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Posted by Oklahomans for Health on Tuesday, May 1, 2018