Meet the Board


Chip Paul is one of three original founders of Oklahomans For Health.  He has served on the board since it inception in 2014.  In the very early parts of the effort, Chip toured other states and learned about their medical marijuana programs..basically what worked and what didn’t.  This information became the basis and underpinnings for the legal structure of SQ788.  Chip is considered a national expert on the endocannabinoid system.  His company GnuPharma, while not a cannabis company, is deeply studying the endocannabinoid system in conjunction with several major universities.


Cynthia Paul is one of three original founders of Oklahomans For Health and has served on its board since 2014.  Cynthia has had numerous roles in the organization and is currently assisting with developing new branding we will be using for YES on SQ788.  Cynthia is the President and Co-Founder of several local businesses including GnuPharma, GnuWellness and Palm Beach Vapors, concepts based on natural healing and wellness.


Ray Jennings has participated actively in both the 2014 and 2016 petitioning efforts.  Ray is a stage 4 cancer survivor who used medical marijuana to help survive the horrible effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.  After realizing the benefits he used medical marijuana to fight the cancer that was killing him.  Ray feels strongly that medical marijuana, also called cannabis, saved his life.  Ray was strongly disenchanted in our governments ability to effectively deal with medical cannabis when he learned that the United States Government has a patent on medical marijuana extract for numerous diseases.

 Ray is a Tulsa area businessman in sales and marketing.  He grew up in Bixby, attended Rogers State and the University of Maryland, and has a degree in Political Science.  Ray has been married to his wife Becki for 35 years and they have two sons..Josh and Jarred.

In Rays words..”I hope to share my experience to help educate the good folks of Oklahoma that this God given plant has great medical value and it’s ok. We have been lied to all of our lives. It’s not a “drug”, it’s a plant that grows wild.  Alcohol is a far more dangerous “drug” that has little medicinal value yet it’s readily available everywhere.   My goal is to help educate all the non believers!  If they have a loved one with cancer, epilepsy, parkinson’s, alzheimer’s , glaucoma, arthritis and many other diseases they truly need to understand the great healing power this plant has. ”


Heather Fry is a Certified Public Accountant, Quickbooks Online Pro Advisor, and Small Business Consultant. She helps clients to maintain their bookkeeping, payroll and tax compliance.

Heather Fry has worked in the field of public accounting since 1998.  Now she is the owner of Accounting By Heather, LLC, which provides service to clients on site or thru the web.  Services include bookkeeping, document management, tax compliance, financial planning and QuickBooks Online training and support.

Heather Fry’s favorite part of having a public accounting firm is supporting small business, because it allows her to work within many different industries while still doing what she loves, accounting and tax compliance.

Heather Fry appreciates the opportunity to be a part of Oklahomans for Health for many reasons. Her passion for this cause stems from a very personal experience. She has watched her very dear loved ones suffer and even die from opioid addiction and accidental overdose.  Heather Fry believes in medical cannabis for its pain relieving, seizure reducing, and cancer fighting abilities in addition to many other health benefits.


Chad Moody was born and reared in Oklahoma City. At age 19 he went to Alaska to work in the fishing industry continuing to do so for just over a decade. Perceiving the steady erosion of liberty occurring in the United States, he opted to go to law school graduating summa laude from Oklahoma City University in 1999. That same year he opened his own practice centered around civil rights and criminal defense. In 2006, he trademarked the marijuana leaf in the context of legal services and branded himself “The Drug Lawyer” as he advocated for marijuana legalization at every opportunity. In 2014, he challenged incumbent Mary Fallin for Oklahoma’s Republican gubernatorial nomination campaigning on a ticket of “God, Grass, and Guns” in his ongoing effort to raise awareness regarding marijuana legalization. He continues to practice in Oklahoma City and surrounding counties. He anticipates legally farming marijuana beginning in 2018.


Norma Sapp is 65 yrs old..has 3 children, 9 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.  She lives on a small farm in Cleveland County Oklahoma where she actively runs an organic farm. She has studied herbs and plants enough to know their importance to our general health.

She started advocating for cannabis reform in 1990 after reading all the info about the agriculture benefits of hemp.  She is arguably one of the original cannabis lobbyist and activist in the state.

She has also worked as an election board worker since 1988 and has worked every election since then that time. She is now the Inspector for Precinct 49, Cleveland County and is a registered Republican that actually believes in Freedom and personal responsibility!

During her advocacy for changing the cannabis laws she has found herself working as a Citizen Lobbyist.  She also ran for House District 45 in 1996 against Danny Hilliard. She didn’t expect to win, she did it to speak to people about the benefits of hemp!

She believes firmly that cannabis laws have had a negative impact on our society and believes now is the time to end cannabis prohibition.


Sabah Khalaf is a trial lawyer who lives and practices in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he was born and raised. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations with a minor in Arabic from the University of Oklahoma. In 2010 he graduated from the University of Tulsa College of law with honors, Order of the Barristers and was the Managing Editor of the Tulsa Journal for Comparative and International Law.

Sabah started his legal career as an Assistant District Attorney in Tulsa County where he prosecuted everything from traffic citations to murder cases.  As a prosecutor, Sabah gained trial and motion practice experience. He also gained insight into the criminal justice system from a prosecutor’s perspective.

As a prosecutor, Sabah knew he wanted to represent people and thought that is what he was doing. Not long after, he realized representing the government against people was not where his heart was. After working as a prosecutor for a couple of years, Sabah opened his own firm where he represents people against the government.

Sabah is a past chair of the Tulsa County Bar Association Young Lawyers Division, was recognized as Outstanding Young Lawyer in 2014/15 by the Tulsa County Bar Association, is a graduate of the American Association for Justice Leadership Academy, and has a published opinion that created new law for individuals charged with DUI in Chandler v. State ex rel. Dept of Pub. Safety, 2017 OK CIV APP 47, ___ P.3d ___.