Oklahoma is leading in patient counts!

Oklahoma is now a little over half a year into our medical marijuana program.  We will hit our one hundred thousandth patient in late April or early May. So, how does this relate to other states and where does this put us nationally?  Very interestingly we currently rank 5th among patient count of medical marijuana states behind California (1,237,000 patients), Michigan (297,000), Arizona (180,000), Florida (108,000), and then us.  We rank ahead of Colorado and New York already.
Using mathematical projections and being very conservative in our estimates,  Oklahomas for Health is projecting that Oklahoma’s medical patient count will be over 200,000 patients by the end of the first year of the program (September 2019).  This means that in one year of operation Oklahoma’s patient count will have jumped to be the third largest medical marijuana market in the country.  We will surpass both Florida and Arizona and be third behind Michigan and California.  However, Michigan and California both have adult/recreational use programs.  So, Oklahoma will have the largest patient count of non-adult use states by September of 2019.
What does this mean?  Given the average medical patient will spend around $3,000 every year in medical marijuana products.  This means that our market size, by September of 2019, will be $600,000,000.  Lets just take the “normal” Chamber of Commerce statistics that these “new” dollars will turn over at least 8 times in each community where they are spent.  
Want to know the impact of medical marijuana?  How about $48,000,000 to local Oklahoma communities!

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