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We are the official proponent of State Question 788. It's been a long, strange trip, but here we are, marching forward on the behalf of thousands of Oklahomans who simply want a better, purer, researched course of treatment. You could be a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy, or a fibromyalgia sufferer, or a child suffering hundreds of seizures a week, the list goes on...we are here for you, and we will fight for you. On your part, you can volunteer, donate to the cause to help our message reach thousands, contact your legislator and voice your support for this ballot question, the possibilities are endless! Contact us and we'll get a conversation started!
Oklahomans for Health
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Oklahomans for Health3 days ago
Cynthia and I had a meeting with Ron Durbin yesterday. We discussed in detail the issues with folks who are turning up cannabis are some tips he gave us...

-do NOT sign a lease on property until your city has done its considerations and actions. While many cities are over reaching and this is actionable, it could effect your business and your avenues are limited.
-Make sure your lease has an out clause for denial of permit or if state or city laws change which would effect your business.
-Ideally have your lease reviewed by an attorney

Please please cover your bases, have out clauses, use an attorney.
Oklahomans for Health
Oklahomans for Health was live — with Renee Harper and 4 others at Oklahoma State Capitol.4 days ago
Oklahoma State Capitol
We are live!!
Oklahomans for Health
Oklahomans for Health
Oklahomans for Health4 days ago
The meeting has begun! Here is a link for the live feed and the agenda:
Oklahomans for Health
Oklahomans for Health5 days ago
Good morning!

Below is the link to the live feed from the Senate room 535 at the capital. This feed will have much better sound and video. We had a terrible time trying to keep our feed live last week, these meetings need to be heard by all. Please tune in at 9 to watch live. This link will also take you to the agenda so you can see who is speaking.