New studies show that Marijuana plays a role in insulin regulation that could lead to the prevention of diabetes.

Marijuana actually appears to have metabolic benefits. A study published last summer in The American Journal of Medicine looked at more than 4,500 adults, of whom 579 were using marijuana at the time. That subgroup had notably better fasting blood glucose levels, insulin resistance, and waist circumference.

According to the study’s abstract: “current marijuana use was associated with 16 percent lower fasting insulin levels … and 17 percent lower HOMA-IR (insulin resistance)… We found significant associations between marijuana use and smaller waist circumferences.”

The Impact of Marijuana Use on Glucose, Insulin, and Insulin Resistance among US Adults

There are limited data regarding the relationship between cannabinoids and metabolic processes. Epidemiologic studies have found lower prevalence rates of obesity and diabetes mellitus in marijuana users compared with people who have never used marijuana, suggesting a relationship between cannabinoids and peripheral metabolic processes. To date, no study has investigated the relationship between marijuana use and fasting insulin, glucose, and insulin resistance. continue to Study