Chip Paul is one of the co-founders of Oklahomans For Health, the organization that twice petitioned the State of Oklahoma for medical cannabis, earned the ballot, and is the proponent of SQ788.  While many have contributed to the law contained within SQ788, Paul was the original author.  He toured the country actually applying for a medical cannabis cards in other states, and also studied the shortcomings of medical marijuana laws in other states.  This led to many progressive and forward thinking ideas which have been written into the potential new law.  Further, as a sideways result of research he conducted for founding Oklahomans for Health and writing the law, Paul discovered some very profound things regarding the internal system that medical cannabis effects, something called the endocannabinoid system.  These discoveries are being developed in a company Paul and his wife Cynthia founded called GnuPharma.  GnuPharma is studying ways to effect the endocanabinoid system using plant based flavonoids from very simple and common herbs.